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OMF Funds ME / CFS Treatment Trial

As someone aware of the impact of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME / CFS), you understand, as we do, that there is an urgent need to improve the clinical care for people suffering from this devastating condition.

#MayMomentum is all about ensuring that research into ME / CFS and other related chronic, complex diseases leads to results and to life-changing treatments. We hope that you will give today in honor of #GivingTuesdayNow, and show the world that there has never been a more important time to fight ME / CFS!

With a focus on treatment, OMF has invested $150,000 to study people with ME / CFS who demonstrate Preload Failure during an invasive cardiopulmonary exercise test (iCPET). I have asked Christopher W. Armstrong, PhD, Science Liaison at Open Medicine Foundation to explain why we are so excited about this latest project:

“I am deeply gratified to reveal the first of two new clinical trials focused solely on treatment options for people with ME / CFS, the Mestinon Clinical Trial for ME / CFS.

This trial is being conducted at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital by Dr. David Systrom in association with the Harvard ME / CFS Collaboration at the Harvard Affiliated Hospitals. Dr. Systrom has found that some people with ME / CFS and suffering from fatigue, have what is known as Preload Failure.

In this instance, Preload Failure is thought to come from an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system and results in reduced filling of the heart during exertion. The clinical trial will test the exercise response to Mestinon in people with ME / CFS, with Preload Failure.

Prior studies have shown improvement in patients in the general population with Preload Failure after treatment with Mestinon. Dr. Systrom intends to evaluate the short-term effects of Mestinon on the autonomic nervous system and neurovascular control in people with ME / CFS, who also have Preload Failure.

Studying these features will deepen our understanding of ME / CFS, and this trial may lead to new and specific therapeutic options for people with ME / CFS.”

This is just the first phase of this research. Much work remains to deliver treatments for ME / CFS and other chronic complex diseases. OMF strives to overcome the disparity in funding in our field of research, harnessing the passion of our community and the talent and commitment of researchers across the globe to bridge the funding gap and keep up research momentum towards a cure.

Will you please invest now in this essential research and become an OMF Sustaining Donor during #MayMomentum? Sustaining Donors have found the perfect way to invest in scientific research.

Your sustaining, monthly gift of any amount allows us to build momentum in the lab by insuring uninterrupted funding. Please consider investing today in the vital research conducted at our four, OMF funded Collaborative Research Centers.

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Linda Tannenbaum
Open Medicine Foundation


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May 12th is ME / CFS International Awareness Day
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