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(the fog)

By Kat Code

It seems to me
life has become one big effort.
With every step I push,
I fight against this smothering fog.
The feeling of the sun upon my face,
warm and caressing,
has long since become a vague memory,
faded with time.
To feel a few weak rays
filter through a thin patch of fog
has become an acceptable substitute.

One day I awoke
to find the fog vanquished,
the full power of the sun’s rays
a heady reminder that I had been
living in the clouds.
“Rejoice!” I sang, “I am alive!”
As the light kissed my face
and the heat sent fire through my veins.

But all to soon
did this suffocating fog return,
blocking out the golden sun.
In this sudden absence,
the dark is ever darker,
the cold is ever colder,
and this fog — ever more stifling than before. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I had forgotten:
this life l know,
heavy and oppressive, a struggle
simply to pass from day to day,
this is not normal!

Would that the clouds had never lifted
only to return
leaving a memory of the sun
like a newly pressed scar.

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